What is Innolink Excellence Score®

The Innolink Excellence Score® tells you concisely about your organisation’s success in meeting respondents’ expectations. The Innolink Excellence Score® is a sum average that is formed from the gap values of factors evaluated by factors (=success – importance). This way the Innolink Excellence Score® often shows a realistic evaluation of the entire situation – how satisfied respondents are overall with your organisation’s work.

  • An IES value below 100% means that the current state of affairs and success have fallen below the expected level.
  • An IES value of 100% means that expectations and the current state of affairs are in balance.
  • An IES value of over 100% means that the current state of affairs goes above and beyond expectations.

The organisation’s IES value is marked in the analysis image in brackets (e.g. 90%). The corpus number, however, tells the total number of responses received for the evaluated factors (9,989 responses). Please note that it differs from the number of responses (=respondents) in the analysis.