What is Net Promoter® Score

Net Promoter® Score (NPS) is a recommendation index that measures how likely it is that a respondent would recommend your organisation to others on a 0-10 scale.

Scale: 0 = not at all likely… 10 = very likely

NPS® recommendation scores can be interpreted in the following way:

Promoters (share of those who gave evaluations of 9-10 in green) are faithful and enthusiastic people who recommend the company to others, increasing growth. The percentage share of the recommenders is shown in the green circle.

Passives (share of those who gave evaluations of 7-8 in blue) are satisfied people who are, however, easily susceptible to being tempted by competing offers.

Critics (share of those who gave evaluations of 0-6 in red) are dissatisfied people who may damage the brand and decrease growth with their critiques.

The year, your organisation’s recommendation index and the number of respondents in brackets can be found below the NPS plot. The recommendation index is formed in the following way:


Recommendation index = the recommenders’ (9-10)% portion minus that of the unsatisfied (0-6)%.

Please note that the NPS plot can also be used in other analyses.