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Doctor of Arts Katja Soini steps in as the Chief Growth Officer of Knowledge-driven Management at Innolink

We are blazing trails of success towards the future


Welcome as the Chief Growth Officer of Innolink, Doctor of Arts Katja Soini. What do your new position and knowledge management mean to you?

– I am enthusiastic! It is always exciting and motivating to be able to shape the paths towards the future. Because knowledge management has been close to my heart for a long time, now, I feel like I have come home.

– It is fantastic to have an effect on an organisation that genuinely cares about its customers and desires to aid them in gaining a deeper understanding of their operations through knowledge. Because Innolink is a fearless actor, I am positive that I can become an integral part of this equation and provide both us at Innolink and our customers with plenty of in-depth, forward-looking insights and the keys for reinventing ourselves.

Knowledge management builds bridges

– Co-operation and bridge-building play key roles in smart knowledge management. As an executive with a design background, I see myself as a unifying factor between the different organisational functions such as Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR, IT and RDI. When we understand the needs and objectives of all the parties involved, we can work together and find a solution that is fun, functional and worthwhile for everyone. We will also be promoting this holistic approach in our customer projects. At its best, knowledge management means the interaction of data and people – we build a bridge connecting decision-making and action to aid the responsible management of organisations.

Katja is creating and implementing Innolink’s growth strategy that has its aim far into the future in close co-operation with customers, teams of experts and the management. In the first phase, we are deepening our understanding of the customers and revamping our services based on that understanding so that we can provide our customers with topical knowledge management solutions they can utilise in diverse ways to support their operations.

Pekka Vuorela, Managing Director of Innolink, what factors were at play in the choice of Katja Soini as the new Chief Growth Officer? In your opinion, what will Katja’s input mean to Innolink’s customers?

– First, I would like to warmly welcome her to our work community. We must surely be equally excited about the possibilities opened up by the role of the Chief Growth Officer. Right away, during the interviews, it became clear that Katja has a special kind of rock-solid vision and energy precisely for this broad-ranging task and that she will effortlessly integrate into our community.

– As the Chief Growth Officer, Katja will work together with our experts in shaping our growth strategy and operating models towards a more intensive redemption of our customer promise and the expectations of our customers. This will directly benefit our customers. I also consider her role in sharpening the focus of our Central European operations to be important.

Innolink’s goal is to grow together with its customers with strength, determination and profitability in Finland as well as on the global scale. The focus of all our operations is on partnership and success with our customers. We wish to provide our customers with the best possible customer value and business impact. In accordance with our values: Together, Fearlessly and With Agility.

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Pekka Vuorela
CEO, Innolink

Katja Soini
Chief Growth Officer

On 8 March 2023, Innolink’s Chief Growth Officer Katja Soini received Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture’s Aalto ARTS Alumna of the Year Award. Read Katja’s interviewKatja Soini is the Alumna of the Year of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Aalto University

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