22.11.2022 Author Innolink

Gofore Plc Knowledge-driven Leader for 2022, initiative category

Many congratulations to Gofore Plc for winning Initiative of the Year at the Knowledge-driven Leader 2022 Gala!

The gala held on 27 October 2022 included for the first time an award for Initiative of the Year. In the grounds for their selection, the jury stated that:
“Customer 360 solution creates a holistic overview for developing an organisation’s customer experience and knowledge-driven management of customer relationships. Customer 360 makes concretely visible the work done together with the customer and the added value created for them right up to the present moment. All the data is integrated in real time into one single view. This constantly evolving entity is an important part of the organisation’s growth strategy.”


Head of Customer Value Outi Määttä, Gofore was among the award winners at the Knowledge-driven Leader 2022 Gala:

What does this award mean for the company?

At Gofore, we are all delighted to receive this recognition! From the team perspective, where daily work rhythms keep rolling forward and the next stage of development is always on the horizon, it is really rewarding to stop for a moment and hear someone say that we are doing important, meaningful work. Customer 360 is a very extensive system, and there is still much work to be done to bring it up to the level we are aiming for. Absorbed in the daily work as we are, it can sometimes be hard to perceive how far we have already come. Receiving this award has certainly given us a boost.????

Where have you drawn inspiration from in your development of knowledge-driven management?

Gofore has always been a very data-driven company. So much so that it isn’t even something that we think about separately – it is so deep in our DNA. The foundations of the Customer 360 project are also very pragmatic. We understood that we need a scalable platform that can help us to better deliver customer value. This platform also helps us to be more agile, even as a larger and more diverse organisation.

What has been your greatest challenge in integrating knowledge-driven management into the company’s daily activities?

As I already said, knowledge-driven management is a very natural part of Gofore’s work. The challenge for us perhaps comes from the fact that we know how much is possible – which means we also set our expectations high. Sometimes it is then hard to meet them.

What has knowledge-driven management made possible at Gofore?

Better decision-making, transparency, self-direction, agility … and thinking specifically of our customers, the benefits include a more cohesive interface and better customer experience.

What are your future goals for knowledge-driven management? What do you want to achieve?

We want every member of the team to be able to easily access the information they need when they need it and to be able to use all the systems without any hitches – so that they can serve our customers better and succeed in their work.

For myself personally and my own work, one thing that would be great is to identify even better forward-focused indicators – ones that also discern more subtle signals. I am also personally interested in examining qualitative and insightful factors alongside quantitative data – there is always room for improvement in this area.


Outi Määttä
Head of Customer Value
Gofore Plc



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