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The meeting point of the work and the worker

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Innolink is a multi-service company focused on research and personnel services. Our operations are guided by customer understanding, market visibility and business efficiency.

We produce verified value and effectiveness for our customers’ business. In short, we make everyday management easier.


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Innolink Research – Take advantage of research and succeed

Information has always been needed to support successful management. Up-to-date information enables the right decisions to be made, the effectiveness of operations and success in the future as well.

As your partner, we bring the benefits of research to your use so that you can achieve your goals.

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Innolink Staff – The meeting point of the work and the worker

Confidential cooperation with us and our extensive cooperation network enable the optimization of your personnel volume and the controlled development of your business.

We find the right people, for the right reasons, for the right tasks.

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