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Our research services will help you understand and develop business operations that are strategically managed in a knowledge-driven way. Our goal is to create more agile and insightful decision-making practices by using up-to-date survey information and business data from the operation of the organisation.

Once you see the strengths and development needs of your organisation clearly, you can start making knowledge-based decisions that matter for your organisation. Our research services support decision-making either in a one-off way or continuously as agreed.


Our research services. Which area of operations of your organisation do you want to develop?

Customer experience

Customer surveys provide insight into how satisfied your customers and potential customers are with your business and its operations, products, and services. Key insight will help develop the sales and service processes of your organisation, improving the customer experience at the same time.


Market position

Information gained from a market survey will support decision-making when you want to reinforce your market position, launch a product in certain customer groups, expand operations into new markets, or refresh your brand image or service and product concepts. Such a survey is also an effective means to marketing communication.



A sales survey will reveal the strengths and development needs of your sales contact points.


Personnel experience

A good level of personnel vitality and an encouraging workplace culture develop your employer brand and the optimal productivity of the working community. A personnel survey provides you with a comprehensive picture of the strengths and development needs of your staff.



Open feedback analysis

Open feedback analysis surveys the themes and tones of key messages among a mass of feedback. It provides you with a comprehensive picture of answers by individual questions or with comparative data for answers by different customer groups.



Consumer panel

A consumer panel is a handy tool for understanding consumer behaviour and for developing products. Our panel partnerships reach a large number of consumers both in Finland as well as internationally. Consumer panels support our research offering and position as a pioneer in consumer understanding.

Reporting of results

We condense and visualise survey results into easily trackable key performance indicators (KPI) e.g. in our dynamic reporting portals.

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Solutions for the public sector

Our research services assist with the comprehensive development of vitality, retention, and attraction in municipalities, cities, and regions. Up-to-date information supports the development of operations and service offerings.

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Customer references

Our customers include 40 of the 100 largest businesses in Finland. We work together with significant public sector organisations as well.

We will help you transform the knowledge generated during your business operations into leadership that gets results. Stay on top of our current events.

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We provide comprehensive assistance with data-related challenges by means of our knowledge-driven leadership services. Together we can build the solution that suits the needs of your business precisely.

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