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Innolink is a specialist in knowledge-driven leadership. Our knowledge-driven leadership solutions introduce customer insights, market visibility, and success into the business operations of our customers. We focus on the perspective of the knowledge-driven management of customer relationships and phenomena and generate verified value and impact for our customers.


The knowledge-driven leadership of customer accounts creates growth

Knowledge-driven management transforms the business-critical information generated by the operation of your organisation into a basis of productive knowledge-driven leadership. The perspective is that of the knowledge-driven management of customer relationships because customers are the most significant resource of your enterprise. We offer keys to profitable growth for sales, brand attractiveness, market, and competitiveness challenges, among others.


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Impacting society by means of knowledge-driven leadership

Our knowledge-driven leadership solutions assist your public sector organisation in achieving its targets and you in leading this achievement. By knowledge-driven management, decision-making will take your organisation towards strategic and operational goals in a measurable way and becomes transformed into societal impact.


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Client Success Stories

Success stories of our customers’ knowledge-driven management

A busy manager needs all the key information in one view

”Data is kind of a slow companion, as collecting it and obtaining reference data takes time. With a good research partner, we made sure that we are collecting the right data and in the right way. It is not a good idea to cut corners too much in this matter.”

Jukka Laamanen, Director, Customers & Marketing, Rantalainen Ltd


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How Mandatum manages customer relationships and sales with data

“When we started working with Innolink, maybe half of the people met by Mandatum experts felt that the meeting brought them significant added value. Now, the figure has been raised to more than 85% through having the right data and the measures derived from it. This is one of the biggest and most concrete things that we have been able to develop based on the research-based data.”

Lasse Alvesalo, Vice President, Corporate Sales & Private Wealth Management, Mandatum


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Metsä Forest: Sustainable growth together with customers

Innolink has been improving the customer and market awareness of Metsä Forest specialists by means of customer satisfaction surveys and analyses for over ten years. Listening to customers, understanding their operations at a deeper level, and boosting the efficiency of field operations have greatly improved the satisfaction of forest owners and solidified their trust in Metsä Forest.


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Current topics

Recognise the possibilities of knowledge-driven management
– from current state analysis towards strategic targets

Too often, we are in a hurry to set new goals and develop new things without having a precise understanding of the current situation in our organisation. Our own internal view may be very different from the experience of customers and stakeholders. Fortunately, however, knowledge-driven management builds a reliable bridge from current state analysis towards strategic targets, Pekka Vuorela emphasises.


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Innolink Group offers knowledge-based management services and personnel services

The Innolink Group is a multi-service enterprise focusing on the development and provision of two different businesses – knowledge-driven leadership services and personnel services. We generate verified value and impact for the business operations of our customers. In short, we facilitate everyday management.


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