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Our super indicators make leadership transparent and agile

RESEARCH SERVICES help our customers to understand and therefore lead better all the critical target groups: markets, sales, customers, and personnel. We also conduct Ad Hoc surveys that suit our customers’ specific needs. We work as our customers’ strategic partner and put the research results into practice.

The indicators we use make it possible to simplify customers’ mission, values, and strategy into an outcome that is visual and easy to follow. The results can be viewed at InnolinkWeb(R) portal. Report portal’s users have their own InnoHelp Support Service, from where you can also find support service’s contact information.

we produce information from various industries (for example manufacturing, forestry, food industry, ICT, commerce, and insurance), from start-ups to global operators. We have gathered data from over 180 countries, which means over 5 000 surveys in total.

Our services

Brand surveys

Brand surveys help to outline sales and marketing’s strategic guidelines. Surveys make it possible to define, what makes your customers buy your products, what they actually need, and what is your company’s position in a certain market.

Personnel surveys

Personnel surveys’ target personnel, internal practises or managers of the company. With surveys, it is possible to examine how satisfied the personnel is, how to increase working profitability, and does the expertise of personnel match with the needs of the customers.

Customer surveys

Customer surveys measure the performance of the organisation in the customer interface and give tools to increase sales. The subjects cover companies’ customers, competitors’ customers, potential customers, and for example brand awareness.

Sales surveys

To support the development of sales, we examine not only customers and markets, but also the sales processes of the organisation. We measure the efficiency of the supplier and subcontract processes, examine sales pulse, and map the market and customer acquisition potential.

Ad Hoc surveys

Our Ad Hoc surveys suit the various needs of our customers, e.g. attractiveness measurements of different regions, trend forecasting, project evaluation, and consumer surveys (such as pricing survey and product or concept testing).

Consulting and training

Our consulting services make it easier to utilize the research data in practice. The trainings turn analytical knowledge into reality: we consult for example sales teams to make them able to boost their actions based on our key findings.

Digital footprint audit

The searchability and potential of a website can be measured by a digital footprint audit. Do you know how your website differentiates from competitors’ websites? The analysis reveals Google searches from which you must be found from – and how findable you are now or in the future.

Our team


Tuukka Suoniemi

Business Director


Pekka Vuorela



Pasi Lahtinen

Research Director


Mikko Ulander

Research Director

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