Knowledge-driven leadership creates insight and success

Our knowledge-driven leadership solutions will help transforming the business-critical information generated during your business performance into successful management. Up-to-date knowledge-driven decision-making creates new growth visions and provides competitive edge for your business. The focus of the knowledge-drive management is on customer relationships, because customers are the most important success factor for your enterprise. We support you with analytics, data system, and research services. Knowledge-driven management helps you to reach your strategic and operational targets, brings added value and offers deep impact on your organisation’s performance.

Knowledge-driven leadership solutions of customer relationships and phenomena for the private sector

Based on your needs, we will begin building a comprehensive solution for knowledge-driven leadership. Knowledge generated on the basis of combining data and essential key indicators allow you to monitor your progress towards the strategic goals of your business, even in real time.

Acquisition of new customers

Deep study reveals what happens at the meeting points for the acquisition of new customers – where and how to find potential new customers. Which sales efforts are the most effective? What is the state and attractiveness of your brand in relation to the competitive in the market and which sales-related phenomena effect on your business performance. Will changes taking place in the field of competitors require agile reactions?

Client retention

We introduce you to the sources of the business-critical knowledge of your customer relationships. We determine the current state of your customer experience and the changes. We investigate the causes of customer churn and the factors that reinforce customer retention. We survey pre-emptive measures. We determine ways to reinforce customer commitment and optimise for instance your product portfolios or pricing.

Expansion of customer relationships

We identify strategic accounts where the best potential for growth can be found. We look into interactions, sales successes, degree of commitment, and customer satisfaction – what is happening at critical stages of customer relationships. We optimise the steps needed to support the determined deepening of customer relations and profitable growth in a business-oriented customer account management and operating model. We uncover new success factors that reinforce your image and operations and determine growth scenarios.


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Trends and phenomena in knowledge-driven management

We keep a keen eye on what is happening in Finland and all over the world. The impacts of trends and phenomena on the changes in operating environments and general attitudes are quickly culminated in business operations and require the ability to react in an agile way, especially in industries sensitive to economic cycles. By means of efficient knowledge-driven leadership, the readiness for changes and the ability to predict can be polished in an optimal way.

We make sure that you get to focus on making impactful decisions that are based on significant real-time information and knowledge.

Customer references

Innolink owns massive research capacities and a global reach, that allow us to carry out a large number of projects with even shortest leadtimes.

We will help you to transform the knowledge
generated during your business operations
into leadership that provides competitive egde.


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