Privacy Policy

The protection of personal data and privacy as well as the confidentiality of communications
are key to everything we do. This page contains information about our data processing principles. Our main grounds for data collection are purposes related to customer, employment or recruitment relationships as well as market research, for example. We only store the data collected in our registers for as long as it is necessary and will only use data for the agreed purposes. We respect the confidentiality of the data you provide. We will delete your personal data from our registers upon request, and when legally permitted to do so.


We monitor the use of our website with cookies so that we can provide the visitors on our page with the best possible user experience. Cookies are short text files that the network server saves on the user’s terminal device. We may utilise cookies in order to develop our services and website, analyse the use of the website and target and optimise marketing operations.

Website users may either consent to the use of cookies or refuse it from the settings of their web browser. Most web browsers automatically allow cookies. Please note that blocking cookies may limit the functionality of our website.

If a website user leaves a contact request through our website, we will collect the data on the comment form, the user’s IP address and their browser’s version data in order to facilitate the recognition of junk mail.


All answers to surveys are stored as anonymous (without personal data attached) in our system, unless otherwise agreed survey-specifically and with the participant’s consent.

Personal data used for data collection will be destroyed at the latest after two years. Until then, they may be used for such purposes as quality assurance as well as calculations of the number of shared participants or target persons of different survey rounds.

Contact information given for draws will be destroyed immediately after the draw has been completed and the winner has been contacted. Contact requests will be delivered to the party presented in each situation that had ordered the survey in the same format as how the participant delivered the data. Personal data transferred in connection to contact requests will not be attached to completed surveys.


Mainly consist of personal data needed to fulfil legal obligations and, when necessary, to carry out administrative tasks. Data collection is limited to what is necessary for the intended purpose. Job applicant data, for example, is collected to facilitate the recruitment process. The collection and storage of data is based on personal consent – the data is retained and used in the register in accordance with the stated purpose. Any data in the register may, confidentially and to a limited extent, be disclosed to partners for such purposes as payroll.


Our customers mostly consist of businesses, communities and public sector organisations. The registers contain personal data collected from our customers, potential customers and their representatives. The data in the registers is processed for purposes related to customer relationship management, customer communications, invoicing and marketing. There is a separate register for data on those who use our encrypted information systems. We communicate with these users as needed about matters related to service usage. We may also collect data based on consent from survey respondents, prize draw entrants, people requesting contact, newsletter subscribers and survey panellists. Similarly, there is a separate register for those who have declined to take part in a survey. This is to ensure that no further survey invitations are sent out to them. In addition, service usage data may be used to carry out usage studies. We will not share your data with any third party.


Service providers and technical partners responsible for systems administration follow a set of mutually agreed requirements and practices to ensure appropriate data protection, and they also undertake confidentiality obligations.


All physical materials containing personal data are stored in locked office facilities and destroyed immediately after storing them has become unnecessary. All personal data registers in electronic format are only stored in named, password protected locations, from where they are searched and destroyed centrally after their period of validity.


No data is processed in countries outside the EU/EEA area or disclosed to third parties. In terms of responsibility, we are guided by EU legislation and the Finnish national legislation as well as practices widely accepted in the market research sector. As a member of the Finnish Association of Marketing Research Agencies (FAMRA), we are committed to the ethical rules set out by the ICC and ESOMARIN (the World Association of Research Professionals). These rules define obligations related to market research as well as the rights of customers.

To carry out research projects, Innolink may use trusted subcontractors who have signed a Data Processing Agreement with Innolink. Innolink’s subcontracting relationships are based on long-term strategic partnerships, and Innolink is liable for the actions of its subcontractors as for its own actions. All employees of Innolink and its subcontractors have signed a confidentiality agreement and are committed to handling data with all due care.


Each data subject has the right to inspect their personal data stored by us or request a rectification, update or removal of their personal data. However, if there are statutory criteria for storing the data, they cannot be removed. If you wish to inspect your personal data or request a rectification, the request must be sent to Innolink in writing. If necessary, we may request the person requesting this to prove their identity. We will react to these requests within the time limit determined by EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (mainly within three months).


The data collector is Innolink Group Oy or any of its subsidiaries.

Please send any requests concerning your personal rights in writing to the following address or email:

Innolink Group Oy
Business ID: 1044664-7
Naulakatu 3,
FI-33100 Tampere


For more information or register-specific Privacy Policies, please call our switchboard on +358 10 633 0200. Päivi Leppäsaajo will be happy to provide you with further details.