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International workforce

Turned all stones already? Even now, there are industries and jobs in Finland that simply cannot be filled with professional employees. Come to us and we can look for and ensure the sufficient skills or needs for further training of employees in advance by relying on our international partner network. Our toolbox naturally also includes labour integration: housing arrangements in Finland, contracts and the paperwork required by authorities, interpretation services, and introduction to the working community. Effortless for you.

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Where to find the right specialist and skilled employee? We will take care of successful recruitment on your behalf. We will use the means to match your needs, all the way from targeted searches to interviews and from suitability evaluations to analyses. We will help you find the know-how that your strategy requires. With us, you will save your valuable time.

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Personnel rentals and outsourcing services

Find additional workers or seasonal workers for the busiest days with ease. Maybe your business is still growing, but not quite ready to hire more permanent employees. Don’t worry. We will find skilled labour for you quickly, and will even take care of contracting and managing the rental employment relationships if needed. For the best of your business, so that you can focus on what matters.



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Recruitment training

Cannot find the right specialists for your industry? Thanks to our services and extensive partner network (training organisations and public entities), we have already carried out several successful recruitment trainings and created new career paths for different work tasks. Get in touch, and we can plan a solution according to your specific needs together.

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Suitability evaluations and personnel development

The resources of your personnel make up the primary capital of your organisation when it comes to improving your competitiveness – you should reinforce and develop that capital. Have shared motivations and goals been buried under the everyday hustle? The working culture is not keeping up with changes in the operating environment and tools? The ability of an organisation to benefit from the best potential and contributions of individuals and teams is not really working, and even occupational wellbeing is not as good as it could be. We provide HRD services for the best of your business.

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Innolink Staff is part of Innolink Group. We have locations in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Pori and Seinäjoki.

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