15.03.2022 Author Pekka Vuorela

Towards new perspectives

The past year has been quite variable, going up, down, and up again. I cannot remember experiencing anything quite like it during my time at Innolink. After all the uncertainty, the year still ended agilely with record year readings. The amazing NPS spike in November for instance lifted the NPS for the entire year up to 85, and we achieved a record turnover. Our customers think that we have once again performed excellently – this is something  I am very pleased to hear!

Prepared and energised for impactful solutions

We have been reinforced by people who all bring new energy to the staff at Innolink. We are now fielding the strongest and most diverse team ever. Over the past year, we have invested in the well-being and improvement of our staff. We have lifted employee experience, closely tied with customer experience, to the centre of what we do and started to boldly develop a new kind of employee culture. We have partnered in this with Fambition partner Linda Rautanen. The journey is not finished yet, but we have already found wonderfully positive experiences and new visions. The sparring lectures by Henrik Dettman, who has coached the Finnish men’s national basketball team, about self-improvement and team play with role assignments have been very refreshing and introduced new ideas.

The new facilities in Helsinki and the renovations of the facilities in Tampere have also added to our investments into well-being and comfort, delighting our customers as well. I think that remote working will be reduced, and both customers and the staff really want to meet each other face to face. The Knowledge-Driven Leader Gala and Innolink’s 30th anniversary crowned the year 2021, and it was wonderful to see how Innolink staff and customers got together to celebrate our 30-year journey in style.

Flexible and innovative solutions for optimising staff needs

The unexpectedly lively year 2021 brought amazing new customers to Innolink Staff personnel services, and there was growth in all sectors. We also opened new facilities in Pori and Kuopio. Our in-house staff, worked flexibly under pressure – strong teamwork processes carried us through the year nicely, and Innolink Staff generated a record turnover among changing regulations, testing regimes, and quarantines. A big thank to you our head of personnel services Jarkko Varvio for the amazing year!

The severe and structural labour shortage affecting several industries and geographical regions will be characteristic of the year 2022 as well. Flexible and innovative solutions will be badly needed. This is indicated by the strong growth of recruitment assignments for demanding specialist level employees and the suitability analyses associated with them, the ongoing high demand for international labour and long-term rental labour, as well as by the kicking off of new tailor-made recruitment training programmes.

In 2022, the strategic focuses of Innolink Staff personnel services are adapted to this moment and the needs of the future:

More impact and verified value for knowledge-driven management

Continuous renewal – staying up to date – guarantees organisational vitality and competitiveness. According to our streamlined knowledge-driven management strategy, we are now boldly focusing on the business-oriented knowledge-driven management of customer relations and phenomena. In the operating environment of the public sector, we can see how resident and stakeholder group relations in particular are being more clearly affected by current trends and phenomena. We are currently consolidating our operations and service packages to better suit the needs of our customers, in order to jointly generate measurable effectiveness for knowledge-driven management. In addition to research data, we are focusing on the impactful depiction of information mined from masses of data and of its impact vectors. We work hard every day to enable our customers to track and manage in a knowledge-driven manner the performance of their businesses from their dashboard in changing circumstances.

Here are the guidelines for our new knowledge-driven management strategy:

The year’s hard work in knowledge-driven management culminates at the Knowledge-Driven Leader Gala 2022

Comprehensive knowledge-driven management solution models at organisations may at best adapt flexibly to changing environments – current phenomena and trends. The soon to start informant campaign opens new vistas for the best practices and implementations of knowledge-driven management in Finland. The search for the person and organisation eligible for the Knowledge-Driven Leader 2022 award will start soon, and you can appoint your own finnish candidate and receive an invitation to the gala celebrations towards the end of the year. The purpose of the Knowledge-Driven Leader 2022 campaign is to create conversations about the state and development of knowledge-driven management, and to bring to the forefront the background influencers and power players of knowledge-driven management in Finland. So, late in the year, we will get together with the top decision-makers of Finnish organisations around the core of knowledge-driven management – with a good view of the current state of the field – offering even then a facilitation of everyday management and an opportunity to pick out the best ideas and future opportunities for effective knowledge-driven management.

We carry on together – as Buzz Lightyear put it: “To infinity and beyond!”


The author is the CEO and owner of Innolink.

Pekka Vuorela
CEO, Innolink Group


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