Why find a job through Innolink Staff?

Countless applicants have benefited from our services and found new jobs or careers that provide them what they need. We will help you in finding meaningful work tasks that match your experience and education. Are you looking for long-term employment that matches your skills, or would you like to feel around new industries doing temporary seasonal jobs, or do you have the courage to seek new paths using our recruitment training? We want to help you find your place!

Innolink Staff personnel rental services for example are a good way to get valuable experience in various industries, and, with the right attitude, you can find a job quickly, working part time or full time, temporarily or indefinitely, depending on your situation. A dependable rental employment relationship can turn out to be your springboard into the future.

The wages, evening and night bonuses, overtime compensation, and sick leave compensation for rental workers are the same as for others, because they are specified in collective agreements. Annual leave likewise accumulates in the same way as for other employees.

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Keep all doors open: becoming a rental employee or going through recruitment training can be a good opportunity to reach for a permanent job and new skills.