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We have over 10 years of experience in open, honest, and agile personnel rental operations. Rental employment may allow for the agile optimisation of your personnel volume and the controlled development of your business.

In our rental business, we seek for long-term partnerships.
Very often, our clients can offer long-term employment relationships, which facilitates employee engagement. It is possible to seek seasonal project-based employees with us as well. In a rental employment relationship, Innolink Staff will pay the salary of the employee and take care of the management of the employment relationship, but the employee will work on the premises and under the management of the user business.

We offer our customers customised services and a dedicated contact person to see to the ease of the partnership. Combined with modern marketing targeting, the expert recruitment practices of Innolink Staff will find potential employees even for the more challenging jobs.



“We will find skilled
workforce for you.”





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