Recruitment training

We offer customised recruitment training programmes for the tasks specified by your enterprise in partnership with an educational partner. The training programmes usually run for 1 to 5 months, depending on the industry and demand level of the job. Your local Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) in Finland can provide up to 70 percent of the funding for training.

Innolink will see to the successful completion of the process: Contacting the ELY Centre and the educational partners, the student search in accordance with customer specifications, and the required marketing efforts. Interviews and the final selections will be made together with the customer enterprise. Get in touch and ask for more!



We have successfully implemented recruitment trainings, especially for commerce and the technology industry.



“Recruitment Training is a good option for businesses that cannot find enough skilled employees on the market or if there are no graduates coming up any time soon.”




“New career paths and detailed know-how for all types of jobs!”