Suitability evaluations and personnel development

We use Thomas analysis tools for suitability evaluations and personnel development. We can provide support for our customers during both recruitment when trying to find the best candidate in terms of the corporate culture as well as in connection with for example internal team or management group development projects.

The Thomas system is one of the most used occupational psychological analysis methods in the world. The system is a tool for making personnel selections, for management, for training, and for motivating – all of this influences occupational well-being and commitment as well as the efficiency of operations. A Thomas analysis is a good tool of self-management and for identifying personal strengths, sources of motivation, and needs for development. It can also be used to measure the suitability of a person to some specific work task.

In addition to a basic Thomas analysis, profiles can be used to review the sales and management characteristics of the person being analysed. Work analysis assists in determining the characteristics required of the work task profile even before the job vacancy is announced. This will do its part in assisting with finding the best possible match for the job and thereby with commitment that is always important for any organisation.



“We will find the right people for the right tasks, for all the right reasons!”