International workforce

We convey labour from abroad into Finland, targeting especially industries and regions that suffer from serious shortages, operating both directly and through our remote partner network. Our basic service includes high-quality and stand-out marketing that is targeted at the source country, making it possible to find the best candidates. Processing the applications and conducting the interviews saves time for our customers to focus on what matters. We also use effective video interview tools and testing in the country of origin to support the recruitment process.

We convey labour from the EU as well as from third countries beyond. If necessary, we will always take care of residence and labour permit affairs with incoming workers. Our partner networks are the strongest in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, and the Ukraine, but we can employ skilled workers from all over the world.

Our employment relationships are long-term permanent contracts or temporary seasonal contracts depending on the needs of the employer and employee. All employment contracts are signed in the name of our Finnish enterprise. We pay out salaries pursuant to Finnish law and currently valid collective agreements, withhold the required social expenses, and pay out compensation and bonuses as required by contract. We take care of legally mandated employer insurance policies. In particular, we invest in the integration of employees in Finland and arrange easy arrivals. We will work together with the employee to take care of official documents and population register and tax office visits if required, and we will participate in the on-boarding of the new employee taking place in their native language. We also provide assistance for finding housing and any other issue related to living in Finland, including our interpretation service.

Testing in the country of origin

Thanks to our international network of educational institutions, we can test the skills of applicants or arrange targeted recruitment training in order to reinforce and match the level of expertise needed – in the country of origin. Testing in the country of origin is customised together with the customer enterprise and it seeks to ensure the professionalism and good level of occupational skills of the applicant even before they arrive in Finland.

First, we will determine the specifications the customer needs for the vacant job, and then we will develop the necessary testing model to be used in the country of origin. We will look for potential candidates in the country in question and arrange a day of testing for them at the educational institute in their country. We often use for example drawings and materials prepared by the customer to make sure that the testing process suits the job in question. The educational institution will send us not only a written review but also video footage and work demonstrations if needed to showcase the employee skills. We will invite the best candidates in for an interview or provide targeted and detailed custom-made further training if needed.

Testing in the country of origin
ensures sufficient skills:







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