06.04.2020 Author Tuukka Suoniemi

Coronavirus and today’s knowledge-driven leadership

Through key performance indicators, knowledge-driven leadership is always at the centre of things. I am sure that the situation that the coronavirus has caused in the society and corporate life affects all business operations. It has been great to see that Innolink’s knowledge-driven leadership customers in, for example, customer experience services, have kept their customers at the centre and their projects are progressing smoothly. It almost feels like this exceptional situation has highlighted the importance of measuring customer experience even further in our customer organisations.

A report on Innolink’s telephone interviews from today shows that it has been possible to reach the interviewees, and the interviews have been carried out smoothly. Response activity in our digital surveys has also been good and the quality of the responses has remained the same.

We are also advancing our customers’ consultation and analytics projects in good collaboration with them. We will come up with suitable and agile solutions for any situation together.

Tuukka Suoniemi
The writer is Innolink’s Business Director for research projects.

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