01.07.2020 Author Pekka Vuorela

Brand new enterprise Innolink Germany GmbH to take over parent company operations in Central Europe

Recently established subsidiary Innolink Germany GmbH will take over Innolink operations in Central Europe as of 1.7.2020. The new company will produce research, analytics, and consultation services for Knowledge-Driven Leadership, focusing especially on the German speaking DACH region. For more than 25 years, Arndt Polifke, Managing Director of Innolink Germany, has held management positions over global assignments for leading brands in both the consumer and B2B sectors at one of the world’s largest research organizations ­– GfK Retail & Technology GmbH.
Since its founding in 1991, Innolink has completed more than 6000 international projects in more than 100 countries. The new business, Innolink Germany, will do its part in supporting international projects that are implemented in partnership with the parent company.

”We have been mapping and analysing the German speaking Central European market and our potential target group for over six months. Everything points in the same direction: Now is the right time to get our business properly started in the German speaking region. We are moving exceptionally fast, but there is clear demand for the service concept and the comprehensive Knowledge-Driven Leadership solution that we offer, even on the international market”, outlines Pekka Vuorela, CEO of Innolink Group.

”Since the first time we met, I have been convinced of Innolink’s expertise and service offering, which produces research, analytics, and consultation services in a seamless and consistent manner for Knowledge-Driven Leadership and for very different organisations, all under the same roof.
It is also exceptional how one comprehensive operating model for Knowledge-Driven Leadership makes it possible to utilise the operative data, experiential research data, and tacit knowledge of a business and to combine the information from these sources into a solution generating essential knowledge. This enables the efficient and reliable directing of real-time operational management, based on measured data, and practical decision-making at different levels of the organisation towards shared strategic objectives – even when sudden changes present challenges”, emphasises Arndt Polifke, the newly appointed Managing Director of Innolink Germany.

Innolink’s mission is to facilitate day-to-day leadership. Some 40 of the 100 largest organisations in Finland rely on the expert services provided by Innolink. Regardless of the sector, the challenges faced by organisational leadership are very similar when viewed from an international level. The competitiveness and vitality of businesses are overshadowed and complicated by various challenges, including data and information overload, splintered target groups, security issues, the disruption of organisational culture, rapid market changes and crises, the continuous development of performance and customer experiences, as well as the ever-accelerating pace – reactions need to be quick in day-to-day decision-making.

A shared big question asked of all organisations is the following: how to lead dynamically and develop in a consistent and patient way when the operating environment is hectic and fiercely competitive. How can essential information that affects organisational decision-making be made available in a timely, reliable, and measurable way to support decisions and to boost operations effectively in a changing market. This is the challenge to which Innolink offers Knowledge-Driven Leadership solutions, now in Central Europe too.


Pekka Vuorela
CEO, Innolink
Specialist in Knowledge-Driven Leadership
The author is Innolink’s CEO and one of the owners.
He is currently working as the Group’s remote manager in Germany.

Further information:
Pekka Vuorela, CEO, Innolink Group Oy,
+358 50 571 8804
Arndt Polifke, Managing Director, 
Innolink Germany GmbH,
+49 176 73 89 34 75

Arndt Polifke, short presentation:

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