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How Mandatum manages customer relationships and sales with data

“When we started working with Innolink, maybe half of the people met by Mandatum experts felt that the meeting brought them significant added value. Now, the figure has been raised to more than 85% through having the right data and the measures derived from it. This is one of the biggest and most concrete things that we have been able to develop based on the research-based data.”

Lasse Alvesalo, Vice President, Corporate Sales & Private Wealth Management, Mandatum


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Partnering for insightful knowledge-driven management

Ensuring a good customer experience is not just a lofty goal – it really boosts the bottom line. Companies seeking to develop in this area do indeed pay attention to measuring customer experience in a broad manner, but partnering with external experts can bring even better results – more insightful knowledge-driven management.
Read more about the theses of Innolink Group CEO Pekka Vuorela, which were discussed at the Knowledge-driven Leader 2022 Gala on 27 October 2022.


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A busy manager needs all the key information in one view

”Data is kind of a slow companion, as collecting it and obtaining reference data takes time. With a good research partner, we made sure that we are collecting the right data and in the right way. It is not a good idea to cut corners too much in this matter.”

Jukka Laamanen, Director, Customers & Marketing, Rantalainen Ltd


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Turn your business into a success story – invest in an excellent customer experience

An excellent customer experience is a competitive advantage for any enterprise,  says CEO of Innolink Pekka Vuorela in blog. But how can you differentiate yourself the best on the market by offering an excellent customer experience?


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