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Recognise the possibilities of knowledge-driven management – from current state analysis towards strategic targets

Too often, we are in a hurry to set new goals and develop new things without having a precise understanding of the current situation in our organisation. Our own internal view may be very different from the experience of customers and stakeholders. Fortunately, however, knowledge-driven management builds a reliable bridge from current state analysis towards strategic targets, Pekka Vuorela emphasises.


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Doctor of Arts Katja Soini steps in as the Chief Growth Officer of Knowledge-driven Management at Innolink

Katja will be creating and implementing Innolink’s growth strategy that has its aim far into the future in close co-operation with customers, teams of experts and the management.  Welcome Katja!


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Success stories of our customers’ knowledge-driven management

A busy manager needs all the key information in one view

”Data is kind of a slow companion, as collecting it and obtaining reference data takes time. With a good research partner, we made sure that we are collecting the right data and in the right way. It is not a good idea to cut corners too much in this matter.”

Jukka Laamanen, Director, Customers & Marketing, Rantalainen Ltd


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