Finland – a land of thousands of lakes and well-being tourism opportunities

Finland has been chosen four times in a row as the happiest country in the world. In addition to a happy nation, the land of thousands of lakes offers thousands of experiences and well-being tourism opportunities.

For 30 years, Innolink has been involved in building success stories for knowledge-driven management in the Finnish tourism industry. We have carried out dozens of Finnish and international tourism surveys and thus participated in the strategic decision-making of tourism development and brand building projects.

Next, we will present our research expertise and cooperation with two Finnish tourism operators. Founded in 1995, Ellare is an expert company in the tourism industry and the most active and extensive company in Finland to develop bike travel. Sauna from Finland is a Finnish sauna expertise association and company network with a mission to create the best sauna experiences in the world.

Please, select the study below you want to read more about.

1. Finland as an Outdoors and Nature Tourism Destination
– International Market survey

2. Bike traveller survey and segmentation in Finland

3. International Image Research of Finnish sauna