We are looking for INDUSTRIAL CLEANER in the food industry.

Domretor Oy is a modern, customer- oriented and functional company in Kauhava. A succesful ISO 22000 certified food manufactoring company for the food industry, as well as for central and wholesalers for Finnish potatoes, root vegetables and vegetables by heat treatment, also Sous Vide products and ready-made meals.

Job description:

Work is a versatile cleaning job,  you will need a good attitude, quickness and capability to work with your hands. Work is mostly done while standing and requires good physical endurance.

Previous experience in industrial cleaning, food processing, production and hygiene passage is considered an asset, but not required.

Work consists of evening and night shifts.

If you are interested in this job, please fill out the application on the link bellow. For more information, please contact Innolink / Maiju Vierula gsm. +358 50570 8995.

Hakuaika alkaa: 06.06.2019 08:00 – Hakuaika päättyy: 23.06.2019 08:00

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