Keep track of the achievement of objectives by means of visualised information

Our reporting provides you with the information you need in a concise, clear, and timely way. We visualise survey results into easily trackable key performance indicators (KPI) in dynamic reporting portals. Role-based views can be created in the portal at different levels of organisational decision-making according to the use need of the information. The sharing of necessary and understandable information increases the transparency and utilisation rates of information in your organisation. We will choose the suitable reporting method together on the basis of your needs.





Power BI

The dynamic Power BI compilation combines the key experience-based indicators of your business directly with business data at all stages of the customer path: the acquisition of new customers, customer retention, and the expansion of customer accounts.


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We compile the central experience-based key indicators for your survey results into the Dashboard reporting portal, where you can keep track of timely results at a glance. Online guides are available to help you use the portal.


The InnolinkWeb reporting portal is also available for the reporting of research results.
Online guides are available to help you use the portal, including contact details for user support.

Results summary report

The summary of results and key findings are reviewed together at a result overview meeting,
where they are presented mainly in the form of an electronic and visualised results compilation report.
If agreed, the results can be used to generate a printable results report.


If needed, we will put together a condensed and visualised digital results bulletin for you, known as an infographic. It will allow you to communicate the essential findings effectively both in-house and externally.

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