Päivi Karhu

Research Manager, Qualitative Studies (on parental leave)

Päivi was born in Kainuu, but has spent many years abroad and in different parts of Finland thereafter. She has a Doctoral Degree in Business Administration, and has also gained  teacher’s pedagogic qualification. Before this, Päivi worked as a sourcing specialist in IT industry as well as a researcher at the university. He research focused especially on decision-making processes in conflicting situations. She sees conflicts as opportunities that can open up important discussions and and facets of creativity.

In her studies, Päivi has mainly used qualitative research methods, which allow one to observe phenomena, their meanings and to seek answers to questions of “why?” As Innolink’s Research Manager (Qualitative Studies), Päivi will first attempt to identify the correct questions and then find suitable answers to those together with customers, using the required qualitative research methods, such as in-depth interviews. The problem cause is not always obvious, and information may be hidden in unconscious side of a human mind. With this detective work, we can help our customers make rational decisions based on information instead of assumptions or guesswork. The work is challenging, but due to this also extremely interesting and rewarding.

Päivi also cooperates closely with Innolink’s analytics team. Through a combination of different research methods, we can achieve a deeper and more comprehensive view of the challenges faced by our customers. Thereby, we can offer more inclusive  solutions for leading through knowledge.

Päivi is a humane and positive go-getter, who is not afraid to step outside of her comfort zone and perceive challenges as opportunities to improve herself. She broadens her world view by travelling, spending time at the summer cottage, working out and following her little one’s adventures.

Email: paivi.karhu@innolink.fi

Tel. +358 44 3419 883