Matti Paavonen

Business Director, Analytics

Matti is an economist and an expert in macro economy, but his strength lies in describing difficult entities comprehensibly. He has solid experience in public affairs from his economist positions in interest groups, the latest being the Chief Economist at Palta. As a lobbyist, Matti learned that things should be expressed in Finnish and the results should be easy to use.

Matti is a major consumer of statistics and is familiar with Finnish data sets in an exemplary manner. Combining data sets and presenting indicators as part of a larger entity significantly improves the usability of the observations. Especially when you are able to find the essential in the data and present the observations as usable conclusions. This summarizes the operating principle of the analytics services of Innolink as well. We search for the observations in the data mass that are of significance to the customer, even if it appeared as looking for a needle in a haystack, and help the customer to turn them into business-promoting measures.

Matti is a sworn resident of Helsinki from the most densely populated part of Finland, but spends his holidays in the wilderness of Lapland. There, where no human traces are visible and 30 kilometres is a one-day’s trip.



Tel. +358 50 534 2506