Jukka P Sormunen

Director of Customer Relations, Analytics Services

Jukka P. Sormunen is a goal-oriented specialist in strategic business areas, customer relations development as well as in leadership. Sormunen has a passion for increasing especially the use of data analytics in Innolink´s service solutions; analytics can be applied, for example, to the building of a comprehensive customer experience based on knowledge-driven leadership. Jukka is inspired by the development of the methods and tools of data analytics, as these open up a possibility for gaining a more in-depth understanding of the customer base. Before joining Innolink, Jukka has gathered knowledge capital and adopted his go-getter attitude at Stanford and Lausanne.

Sormunen is an expert in consultative B2B solution sales. His areas of expertise include business management consultation and BI system projects spiced up with artificial intelligence. He has earned his spurs working, among others, in international hi-tech organisations and with high-growth companies. Jukka thrives in situations where the emphasis is on joint effort, operational efficiency, business transformation projects, and associated knowledge-driven leadership.

Jukka is active also in his spare time; in addition to exercising, he enjoys watching his children take part in competitive sports and, at the moment, he is training a young furry labradoodle. You may also meet him at the golf course in search of the perfect swing.

Email: jukka.sormunen@innolink.fi

Tel. +358 50 478 3751