Hanna-Leena Hietaranta-Luoma

Research Operations Manager, FT

Hanna-Leena is an expert in research, who loves calendars and scheduling. Schedules are very important to her, since she commutes from Seinäjoki to the Tampere office almost daily. Hanna-Leena has a PhD and she is also an engineer in food science. In her previous work, she has coordinated, analyzed and reported on several studies, both scientific and non-scientific, and she has insight especially into health behaviour and nutrition. Hanna-Leena is passionate about psychology, also of the “armchair variety”, and she is interested in the underlying reasons for human behaviour. Her goal is to do things as simply and effortlessly as possible, while being efficient.
Hanna-Leena spends her free time doing various types of exercise and spending time with her three children around baseball and volleyball courts.

Email: hanna-leena.hietaranta-luoma@innolink.fi

Tel. +358 50 576 8934