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FOR US, knowledge leadership means data and analytics, empirical research, real-time evaluation, human knowledge capital, know-how and discretion. Our knowledge leadership consulting services cover all your needs from strategy work to knowledge leadership modelling and coaching in order to put the knowledge to work and turn it into innovative action.

Knowledge has value only when it leads to action

Knowledge leadership is one of the key aspects that enable the success of organizations. The amount of information from different sources is increasing, the means of processing and interpreting information are developing, and the importance of the development of know-how is increasing.

Relevant information is used to encourage mutual discussion, bring about insight, and contribute to mutual understanding. Effectively managed and intelligently utilized, knowledge helps you to make smart decisions. Agile development towards goals opens the door for continuous innovation and competitiveness.

Our services

Knowledge-driven strategy process

Together, we will clarify the purpose of your organization and crystallize it into knowledge-driven goals.

Knowledge leadership modelling

We will evaluate your current state of knowledge leadership, build an architecture that measures the goals, and work together in order to create a process that guides action.

Kiihdyttämö & virittämö

The Kiihdyttämö will crystallize your knowledge into one, tangible flagship project.

The Virittämö will kick-start the effective utilization your knowledge throughout the entire organization.

My knowledge leadership service

My knowledge leadership is a flexible solution that provides you with support to strengthen your knowledge leadership culture at a fixed daily rate according to agreed resourcing.

Personnel knowledge leadership

We encourage mutual thinking and new insights. We enable new experiments and different ways of doing things in order to increase the knowledge leadership skills and know-how of both the management and the work community.

Customer and sales knowledge leadership

We build knowledge-driven operating models in order to develop customer relationships and sales, and provide coaching on new sales know-how and better customer experience.

Our team

Knowledge leadership consulting

Hanna Aho

Marketing and Project Coordinator

Knowledge leadership consulting

Jani Listenmaa

Business Director

Knowledge leadership consulting

Petteri Halmela


Knowledge leadership consulting

Juuse Montonen

Knowledge Leadership Consultant

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