Knowledge-driven Leader 2022 Gala 27.10.2022

The Knowledge-driven Leader gala brings together the top decision-makers of organizations to come up with solutions for knowledge-driven leadership. We offer vantage point to the current state of knowledge-driven management. As our invitated guest, you can pick up the best ideas of knowledge-driven management and future opportunities for your own organization. In addition, the 2022 Knowledge-driven Leaders in Finland will be announced and awarded at the gala. This event will be held in Finnish.

Hope we’ll meet also you in Helsinki at the gala on October 27, 2022
enjoying interesting content and rewarding the winners!


The overarching theme of the gala in 2022 is the knowledge-driven management of customers and phenomena – especially effectiveness, growth and renewal. Find out more about the gala program:



We were looking for Finland’s most inspiring Knowledge-driven Leader of 2022 through an open nomination system. The nomination campaign ended in the end of August. We received plenty of candidates and the selection process is underway. Thanks to all whistleblowers.


The Gala culminates in the evening with the Knowledge-driven Leader 2022 award ceremony. We received plenty of great and well-reasoned submissions from inspiring Knowledge-driven Leaders to person and organization categories. Get to know the selection board 2022:

Selection Board


The guest keynote speakers at the gala are

Ville Solja,
& Vice Chairman,
Kiilto Family Oy

Fourth-generation family entrepreneur Ville Solja understands the value of the present, but brings a modern management approach and creates future reforms to the traditional family company. Kiilto is an over 100-year-old Finnish company that develops, manufactures and sells solutions for the chemical industry. It operates internationally.


Continuous renewal as the basis for the success of a 100-year-old family company


Kiillo has a wonderful history colored by growth and renewal, which we are proud of. However, the past is not a guarantee of the future, a place on the playing field must be earned today as well as in the future. We need to take actions in the short, medium and long term in order to remain viable and be able to succeed. We must develop responsibly, taking care of people, the environment and the ability to produce results. In this way, growth is on a sustainable basis. Kiillo’s future is being built today, precisely towards the goals defined together.

Katja Soini
Head of Service Design,
FRY Infrastructure Finland 

Doctor of Arts (Design), chairman of the board of Ornamo Art and Design Finland. Katja does determined, long-term work to develop knowledge-driven management of customer relationships and has an inspiring approach to commit to new ways of doing things. Vahanen companies joined AFRY at the beginning of 2022. AFRY is one of Europe’s leading design and consulting companies.


Customer experience management as the cornerstone of change

The company joining an international listed big company puts pressure on the seamless continuity of the business and simultaneous renewal. Of course, our customers were worried about e.g. will our experts change in the agreed projects and will the famous Vahanen quality be maintained in our operating culture in the future. We balance with how we take care of a great customer experience in the midst of change and take over the great future opportunities that change brings.


Nando Malmelin

Nando Malmelin, PhD, is known as an expert in creativity, renewal and management. Malmelin has worked, for example, as a Professor of Practice focused on strategic change at VTT, as a visiting professor at the University of Technology Sydney and at the Aalto University School of Economics, and as the development director and member of the management team of the media company A-lehti. He also works as a docent of communication at the University of Helsinki. Malmelin has published numerous books and award-winning articles in international journals. His latest book is called ”Radikaali uudistuminen – Miten johtaa murroksessa”. 


How to lead a radical renewal?

In uncertain times, it is important that companies have the courage to innovate and the ability to change. The ability to renew is a lifeline for many companies. The speech examines why companies are unable to renew themselves. What are the obstacles to the renewal of work communities? In addition, the speech examines what can be done in organizations so that they are able to renew themselves. With the help of the principles of radical renewal, we concretely go through what kind of thinking, action and leadership are needed in renewing organizations.

Participants in the panel discussion

Inka Leisio

Inka Leisio
VP, Communication & Brands
Lassila & Tikanoja

Emil Ackerman

Emil Ackerman
Knowledge Architect, Pirkanmaa Hospital District /
Head of Knowledge Management,

Timo Laaksonen

Timo Laaksonen
Head of Face 2 Face and
Broker Finland
If P&C

We are looking forward with great interest to what kind of amazing, multi-generational success stories we will hear at the gala. We hope that the guests will also prepare and be ready to ask relevant questions and their observations about the challenges and best successed solutions of knowledge-driven management.

If you definitely want to participate in the Knowledge-driven Leader 2022 Gala, and you haven’t received an invitation yet, please contact our experts on the About Us page.


Check out previous years’ gala atmospheres and winners

Feelings of 2021 gala

At the gala, for the third time in Finland, the most inspiring Tiedolla Johtaja 2021 title winners screened by the selection board were awarded in the individual and organization category. With the help of the recording, you can join the atmosphere of the gala in the White Hall. Happy viewing!


Knowledge-driven Leader 2021 Awarded

Winner of organisation category: Mandatum Life
Winner of person category: Hannes Vickholm

(Metsä Group/ Metsä Forest)
Citation: Toni Rantanen, (Triuvare Oy)