Innolink and Asian Insiders have signed a partnership agreement to serve businesses that are operating in Finland, the Nordic countries, and Central Europe and looking to start or expand their operations in Asia. The partnership includes the combination of quantitative market research and hands-on market entry consulting, among other things.

Innolink’s strong background in international research and Asian Insiders’ 20-year presence in all of the most important Asian countries open up new possibilities for client companies to find potential sales channels and markets and to promote their sales on the Asian market.

Innolink contributes strongly to international research

The strategic knowledge-driven leadership consultant Innolink has carried out more than 6,000 market research projects in more than 100 countries. Innolink’s 60 specialists operate in Finland and most recently in Germany, where Innolink CEO Pekka Vuorela is surveying strategic partnership agreements on the spot. Innolink has access to a consumer panel network of more than 13 million people in Asia and Oceania.

Clients trust Innolink and recommend it highly. Innolink’s NPS was 80 in 2019.

Asian Insiders possess excellent awareness of the Asian market

Asian Insiders is a group of experienced business consultants with strong local knowledge and networks, on all Asian core markets. Asian Insiders have experience with more than 1,000 assignments in the development and strenghthening of business operations in Asia. Furthermore, client companies receive support in the strategic entry onto markets and the development of sales channels.

The clients of Asian Insiders represent the manufacturing and engineering industries, renewable energy and environmental business enterprises, and operators in various service sectors.


Additional information

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Jari Hietala
Founding Partner
Asian Insiders
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