Doerte Nordbeck
05.03.2021 Author Innolink

Dörte Nordbeck, Director Sales and Business Development

This series of articles stars Innolink’s employees from all different roles. This time, Dörte Nordbeck, an expert in knowledge-driven management, introduces her expertise especially in the Tourism industry.

Who are you?

Dörte Nordbeck, Director Sales and Business Development at Innolink Germany

What is your expertise at Innolink?

At Innolink, we support leaders in making good decisions – decisions that are not only based on gut feeling but on data and knowledge. With our long experience in many industries, we know where this data has to be collected, when and to whom it has to be provided to be really helpful.

What is your success factor working  with travel industry?

I have been working in the travel industry for more than 15 years now. Being responsible for the Travel and Logistics Sector at research giant GfK, I learned a lot about the needs and daily challenges of each segment of the travel industry. Steering hundreds of projects over the years, I am also familiar with a variety of methods to answer those needs. Having met so many people from all different industry segments, may it be tour operators, tourism boards, airlines, airports etc., I really feel I am part of the big international travel family.

What is the most interesting survey result in the past years?

There is not only one survey result I could name to be the most interesting one I have seen. It is rather the variety of results, results changing over time and the learning that each player, however successful he may be, always can find areas to improve when having a deeper look into data and survey results. This is the success factor – always looking for improvement.

Why knowledge-driven management is important in the travel industry?

Knowledge-driven management in the travel industry has become more important than ever before. Market segments have been changing, new players entered the market and traveler preferences are changing quickly – also due to Corona. That is why you always have to be up to date and need the latest insights and trends.

Have you visited Finland? What kind of relationship do you have with sauna and summer nights?

I have unfortunately not visited Finland so far, but it is definitely on my bucket list not only since I have been starting to work at Innolink. I like sauna very much for relaxing. We are planning one at home since we have been in a holiday flat at the Baltic Sea including a sauna next to the living room last year. When you ask about long summer nights outdoor in the garden with family and friends…nothing can beat this!

If you could get one superpower what would it be and why?

This would definitely be “beaming”. There are so many people to meet and places to see…


Dörte Nordbeck
Director Sales and Business Development
Innolink Germany GmbH
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