Automatise your information management by means of a data platform

Data management  is based on functional and modelled processes. Process descriptions indicate where the data comes from, how data is stored, how data is processed/utilised, and how the data are finally deleted or archived. By adopting a data platform, you can manage your data and create an automatised data production pipeline, where masses of data in different silos are used to form an up-to-date data basis in support of knowlewdge-driven management.

Business-oriented information modelling

We will help you find and create the information products needed for management by means of business-oriented modelling methods

Leading business operations by information products based in data is a precondition for the survival of an organisation. Hard data and soft experience-based data meet in the specification of information products. Performance indicators and financial data are combined with customer satisfaction and the functioning of service chains. Information modelling creates a foundation for knowledge-driven leadership and the automatization of information production.

Technology and architecture choices

We help in creating frictionless automation processes for the needs of knowledge-driven management.

Data collection and analysis take up most knowledge management resources if implemented manually. The processes, methods, and technologies best suited for your organisation will be used for data collection, modification, analytics, and the creation of information products. The processes and used technology components are described and documented in order to generate a sustainable and data secure data management model. The automatization of information products is completed by using agile methods.


We implement the automatization of information products by means of agile methods.

The construction of a business-oriented data pool is based on cooperation between various actors. The data pool project leader and the customer’s project manager are responsible for bringing together IT operators, analysts, business management, and the specialists operating at the substance interface and for planning and scheduling the project.

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