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Our offices

Our offices are in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Seinäjoki and Stuttgart.

Our national switchboard number is 010 633 0200.


Invoicing addresses

Itämerenkatu 5, 5. krs, 00180 Helsinki
010 633 0200
Naulakatu 3, 3. krs, 33100 Tampere
010 633 0200
Köydenpunojankatu 14, 20100 Turku
045 328 0608
Koulukatu 22 B, 2. krs, 60100 Seinäjoki
050 430 4544
Mühlrain 7, D-70180 Stuttgart
+49 711 693 111 79

Innolink Helsinki

Our Helsinki office is located in Ruoholahti, Itämerenkatu 5. Entrance and reception are on the first floor, and the office is on the fifth floor. Our office has accessible entry and moving between floors can be done by both elevator and stairs.

In front of the office building, there are around ten parking slots, for two hours at a time. It is also possible to go to Ruohoparkki parking garage (Porkkalankatu 10) that is right next to our office, or park on the street (Itämerenkatu).

You get to our office by tram (numbers 8 and 8H) and bus (17 and 20). Also, Ruoholahti metro station is at walkable distance (5–10 minutes). More info at HSL.

Innolink Tampere

Our Tampere office is located at Tampere central, Naulakatu 3. Entrance and reception are at 1st Floor, the office at 3rd. Our office has accessible entry and moving between floors can be done by both elevators and stairs.

There are two quest parking slots that you can use by picking up parking permission from the lobby. There are also parking slots by the office building, some of which are available for 60 minutes, and some for 4 hours. The nearest parking hall is at Dynamo Business park (Hatanpäänvaltatie 24).

The nearest bus stops are at Tampere highway and Ratapihankatu. Several bus routes stop at our office, more details at Tampere regional transport schedules page.