Case Talenom: Improving customer experience with Innolink’s architecture of knowledge-driven leadership

Talenom CEO Otto-Pekka Huhtala is extremely happy with the cultural change and improved expertise that have been accomplished at Talenom thanks to Innolink’s architecture of knowledge-driven leadership and a systematic internal leadership model. The level of commitment to the process among Talenom employees has been exceptional across the organisation.

“In just a year, our organisation has achieved significant improvements in customer experience and in the way we listen to the customer”, Huhtala explains.

Architecture of knowledge-driven leadership built successfully through collaboration

Innolink and Talenom initiated their cooperation by determining Talenom’s current status of knowledge-driven leadership, their mindset for the future, the objectives to be measured, and the activities that contribute to those objectives. Talenom wished to improve the satisfaction and commitment of their customers, thus reducing the customer churn rate. The company also wanted to increase the measurable number of net promoters.

Huhtala explains the first stages of the project: “We started the process of improving Talenom’s customer experience a year ago by exploring potential partners. Innolink was selected as the best choice from among seven operators.”

A customer pulse was modelled for Talenom, including constant analysis of five different customer satisfaction points. In addition, a customer survey was carried out right at the very beginning to analyse the current status of customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the building of a systematic knowledge-driven leadership culture for Talenom was initiated. Joint discussions and a mutual understanding of the mindset for the future are considered to be key features in a knowledge-driven leadership culture. The Executive Board in particular was given tips on how to implement knowledge-driven leadership in the company’s daily tasks in the future.

In the case of Talenom, we modelled the entire process of how a customer experience is created, as well as how knowledge-driven leadership can be applied to that process on different organisational levels and over different time frames.

Excellent customer experience through systematic development

Over the past year, the level of customer satisfaction among Talenom’s customers has increased significantly.

Talenom’s COO Juho Ahosola commented on the development process on the company’s customer experience as follows: “The management is extremely interested in the company’s day-to-day activities and customer interface. We have been able to identify tangible issues that are linked to customer experience, recommendations, and commitment. These are the three factors that we have systematically emphasised. Measurements have verified that the measures we have taken have had a positive impact on customer experience, as the NPS score for recommendations has improved.”

Innolink CEO Pekka Vuorela explains: “Talenom’s commitment to the processes and culture of knowledge-driven leadership related to customer experience has been exceptional across the organisation, from management to each individual employee. Talenom has in place an extremely efficient leadership model and a culture of constant involvement. The key indicators of knowledge-driven leadership are monitored daily across the entire organisation.”

“This has been a great experience and a learning story for me as well. The perspective of knowledge-driven leadership was implemented remarkably well in this project. We have been able to share the expertise of both companies in terms of experience-based data, hard data, and research information, and we have achieved significant results within a short time through confidential and open collaboration. These results show that Talenom’s values, economic performance, and improved customer experience are all evolving in the right direction and increasing the market value of the company”, Vuorela concludes.

Established in 1972, Talenom is a pioneer in the Finnish accounting sector with a strong growth history. Talenom has combined personal service with automated financial management processes. The starting point for all of Talenom’s operations is to support the success of their customers.