Professionally customised plastic moulding on a global scale

Finnish MSK Plast is an expert of both reaction and injection moulding techniques and considers customer needs carefully. MSK Plast’s fully customised plastic products are always designed together with the customer to meet the customer’s exact needs. Customers mainly represent the electricity, energy, automotive, and technology industries, so being solution‑oriented and having strict quality requirements and accurate deliveries are emphasised in the design and delivery of the products.

MSK Plast is part of MSK Group. MSK Group is a Finnish, multi-industry, high-technology family corporation. The company has its feet firmly on the ground, while ambitions are set high. Its products are sold around the world, and the aim is to strengthen its position in the global market.

MSK Plast conducts an annual customer survey with Innolink to develop customer satisfaction and operations. In 2020, strategically important customers estimated that MSK Plast’s operations have remained on an extremely high level. The operations were described in particular by the words competence, quality, security of supply, experience and availability.

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