The Nordic company NREP OY is a product innovator, developer, investor, and actor operating in all segments of the real estate value chain and is seeking to move the industry forward. The company takes all stakeholder groups into account and utilises their cross-sectoral expertise to develop the real estate business and operators. The goal is to create long-term value for tenants, investors, and society, to offer better real estate solutions for people of all ages, and to create vivid and sustainable communities.


Pricing a novel concept is not easy:
Which characteristics of a new type of rented home attract consumers and at what price?

Renting a home is a rising trend in Finland, too. Young adults in particular do not want to get tied down in one place and by a large mortgage, but would rather choose freedom of movement and good living quality. Personal values and living styles should also meet in a meaningful way. But what features are wanted, and are people willing to pay for them? Does the new concept have a future – and what kind of a market share could it achieve?

Here is a brief description of a new kind of rented home concept pricing analysis done for NREP OY in 2020: