Normet Group Oy

Normet is a fast growing and innovative company with a mission to lead the transformation into a more digital and sustainable tomorrow. Within underground mining and tunnelling, Normet has amassed process expertise in over thousands of projects all over the world.
• 50 years of expertice in the industry • 12 000 delivered machines • 1200 professionals

General information on the customer satisfaction survey: The aim of the survey was to chart customer satisfaction of Normet and recieve insights in order to improve services. Survey was conducted as telephone interviews. Target group consisted clients of Normet globally. Innolink conducted survey in october-november 2019 in 13 countries on all continents. 

Based on survey research data Innolink implemented Normet also Open feedback analysis. The analysis was carried out with the aid of a tool that utilizes artificial intelligence and linguistics. Themes: Sentiment analysis and Net Promoter Score (NPS) calculated with the open answers to explore what factors influence most the NPS.

Normet utilizes the Innolink’s dashboard to view survey research results online.

Infograph below is based only on the main results.