Multiple Possible Futures. One Life.

Life insurance company Henki-Fennia is a subsidiary of the Fennia insurance-group. The group’s services are divided so that Fennia is specialized in non-life insurances, while Henki-Fennia and service company Fennia-palvelu are specialized in life, retirement, and savings insurances. Fennia is the employer of just over 1 000 people and has offices in about 30 different municipalities around Finland.

Henki-Fennia supports their customers’ success and offers solutions for financial security of long-term savings, efficient rewards as well as preparations for the unexpected. Enterprises, entrepreneurs, private consumers, and households all benefit from their diverse services.

Innolink had already conducted a customer flow analysis for Henki-Fennia at the end of 2020. Now we wanted to perform deeper analysis on existing customer data to predict the likelihood of attrition in different groups.