Pouttu Oy

Pouttu Oy is a traditional company specializing in the production of meat products and luncheon meat products, founded in 1938. Family Pouttu started their production with butchery and meat cutting operations, but soon expanded into skilled meat products processing. Today, growth-seeking and tasty products have made Pouttu widely known as a strong expert in the meat industry.

Improving business perfomance

Pouttu has taken a decisive attitude to increasing its market share by open-mindedly designing its own product range to be bold and modern and to meet the needs of future consumers. The creation of trendy product families (Nopeat and MUU) had already started when the cooperation with Innolink began in the spring 2019.

The company needed more information on consumer behavior and interests, like what kind of consumers would include Pouttu’s new products in their shopping carts. They also wanted to identify future changes in consumer behavior, especially from the meat industry’s point of view.

Knowledge-driven research and analysis process

A carefully targeted consumer survey (via Consumer panel) and data-analysis tools started to produce answers to questions such as: How well known is the company among consumers? What are the prevalent consumption habits for meat products in the market now and in the future? What is the market potential for the new Nopeat product family? Which customer segments should be targeted for the Nopeat product family? etc.

In the attached interview, Kimmo Backman, VP of Sales and Marketing at Pouttu Oy, talks about our collaboration.


Pouttu utilized Innolink’s dashboard to view the survey data online. Findings and conclusions were introduced and discussed at a results meeting.

See short discription of the process below: