Insta Automation:
Services worth your trust

Insta Group is a Finnish family business with strong values operating ​​in a global environment. For 60 years, the company has been working towards a safe and competitive society. Insta Group Oy is an expert in industrial automation, industrial digitalisation, cyber security, and defence technologies that helps its customers develop and maintain their performance and profitability.

Insta Automation Oy is an experienced provider of automation and electrification service solutions, and a trusted life-cycle partner to its customers. The market leader helps its customers improve the results of their operations in global competition and demanding circumstances. Thanks to data obtained from regular surveys, Insta keeps up with its customers: the company identifies its own strengths to best serve the customers and uses significant signals to flexibly develop its operations towards a future operating environment.

Insta Automation Oy constantly carries out project and service follow-up surveys among its entire customer base – and in all endeavours from small sub-projects to extensive investment projects – with the purpose of mapping the customer satisfaction rate and discovering areas where further development is needed. Collaboration with Innolink began already in 2010.

Summary of the survey results 2019: